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Pune is the most visited tourist destination and the activity-filled location and is quite interested in introducing the best camping places near Pune to those who are looking forward to having a relishing time with the family on a weekend or short getaway trip near Pune. Balaji Reorts is the best place for camping near Pune that will cross-check your concepts about camping and lead you to believe the fact that there is something beyond what you heard of Pune till now. Riverside Camping, camping under the stars, jungle camping, monsoon camping, eco-adventure camping and aqua adventure camping are some of the best-known camping options at Balaji Resorts.

The price ranges from the lowest to a decent one depending on the type of camping you select and the number of days. A normal riverside camping may cost you around 2000 for a weekend. Jungle camping also will have higher prices around 3000- 3500 INR for two days. But it is obvious that all these sights and views are worth of spending this much amount. This list will let you go through the best options you can choose from to spend your weekend or vacation time amidst pure nature, quite far away from the hustles and bustles of the city lights. Since Balaji Resorts is easily accessible from Mumbai or Pune, reaching these sites will not be a problem for even those who come here for the first time.


With a prominent historic location Balaji resort stands right in the midst of historic forts and adjacent river to make it a perfect gift of nature.

By Air

The nearest Airport Pune Air Port is about one and a half hours drive. Can be reached by a private car, Bus and customized package we offer.

By Road

You can reach Balaji Resorts in less than an hour from any prominent location from Pune. Route Swargate Bus station (Pune) – Velhe (Resort) (About 1 and half hours travel.)

By Rail

Nearest Railway station, Pune is about one and a half hours drive to the location.Can be reached by a private car or bus.